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Lost in Lisbon: everything we did, ate and saw

Updated: Mar 17, 2022


The first stop on our Euro tour was Lisbon. Portugal is a very interesting and diverse country with their own history, culture and mix of people. From pastries, to lookouts, to nightlife, here is everything we did in Lisbon and the surrounding area in four short days.


The Alfama District

The Alfama District is the oldest area in Lisbon. in 1755 there was a massive earthquake where nearly all of Lisbon was destroyed, except for the Alfama District. Alfama is full of many alley ways and is where Fado was born. Alfama is a sight to see with gorgeous panoramic views of the terracotta rooftops and colourful tiles. In Lisbon it seems that the buildings,, like snow flakes, are all unique.

The lookout below is the "Viewpoint at Monte Agudo".

Every street you walk down there seems to be a cafe or restaurant to grab some pastéis de nata (Portuguese tarts yum) and port (not so yum in my opinion). Nonetheless we grabbed some on our walk!


Cabo da Roca

I don't have the words to describe how beautiful Cabo da Roca is. Cabo da Roca is the most western point in Europe so we waved hey to Canada from here. The cliffs at this place are insane and over 100 metres high. We went on a two hour hike through the valleys here and it was absolutely gorgeous. Cabo da Roca is about 40 minutes outside of Lisbon. It is definitely worth the journey especially if you enjoy incredible views and nature!



Pronounced: "cash-kai-sh", is a town just outside of Lisbon that we stopped at on our way to Cabo da Roca. Cascais is a beautiful coastal city with beaches and great seafood! Although we were only there for a short time, we really enjoyed the food and views. If you are going to Cabo da Roca through Cascais, definitely stop here for a bite to eat! :)


Timeout Market Lisboa

We visited a market that houses Lisbon's best restaurants and artists under one roof. These restaurants can stay in the market for one week or up to 3 years. We tried CONSERVEIRA DE LISBOA's canned sardines and horse mackerel along with bread and Vino Verde (literally translated as green wine, but is just "young" white wine). Canned fish in Portugal is A LOT better than in North America. I was shocked. Timeout Market is an interesting place to walk around and to try some of Lisbon's best food!


Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is also about a 40 minute train ride outside of Lisbon. Again, it is definitely worth the trip! It is such a stunning place surrounded by spectacular parks with tall trees. Walking through here, I felt like I was walking through a jungle. If you like nature but also like historical European buildings without the big city feel, this is the place fore you. It is probably one of the most picturesque places I have ever been. Take a look below.


"High" Neighbourhood or Bairro Alto - Nightlife

The best place for nightlife in Lisbon is Bairro Alto, or the "high" neighbourhood. They call it "high" because it is at the top of a hill... clever. In Portugal, many things and places are named for what they literally are. This neighbourhood is full of bars and restaurants and comes alive at night with locals and tourists alike. When we were there the soccer team that Christiano Ronaldo (basically a Portuguese hero) plays for scored, and there were celebrations in the streets all night long. The police even came with dogs and whistles to remove them from the streets at 2a.m. Despite the police presence at the time, no one was arrested or told to stop drinking in the streets. Because of this, this neighbourhood turned into a block party. Partying there was fun and carefree.


Travel tip: Wherever you go in Europe, join the free walking tours! It is a great way to see some of the city, hear about the history and culture and get your bearings in a place you've never been.

I hope you enjoyed this blog! If you have any questions or want more specific recommendations, message me on instagram (@lorichristmas).

Stay tuned for more destinations...


Obrigada Lisboa!


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