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Tel: 905-580-3223

Oh, hello!

"You serve the best by doing what you love the most."

- Maria Bello


My name is Lori Christmas and I’m a digital creator, writer, graphic designer and photographer. A few years ago I went to school for a little thing called Photojournalism. This was really the best of both worlds as it combined my two passions: photography and writing. 


I’ve freelanced for various publications and organizations, including The Guelph Mercury Tribune, The Cambridge Times, Shutterstock, and private clients. 

I've also had the opportunity to work for government agencies writing, designing, managing social media accounts and producing photos and videos. 

On a personal note, I love nature, the arts and trying new things. Oh, and most importantly, I love to travel!

I’m currently based in Toronto ON, taking in all the arts and culture that this amazing city has to offer.

Connect with me for your next creative project!

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