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Exploring Nova Scotia in the winter

Over the Christmas break, I got the unique opportunity to travel to Nova Scotia in the winter.

Verdict: IM IN LOVE! This province has so much breathtaking beauty just sitting there. I was amazed at how much I loved it. It was my first time in the Maritimes and it's hard to believe I've never been here before. I feel like I belong on the East Coast of Canada and I definitely left a piece of my heart there. Check out some photos and thoughts on what we did, below...


Ahhh yes, Peggy's Cove.... SO much more than just a lighthouse.

Peggy's Cove was one of my favourite stops on our tour around Nova Scotia.

The day we went here, there was a huge winter storm in the forecast. A few people told us not to go as the road to Peggy's Cove can be pretty bad for driving in winter conditions. But we went anyways, and it was worth every slippery step. We arrived before the snow and as we were jumping over rocks and checking out the waves, we could see the clouds coming from across the Atlantic Ocean. It was an extraordinary experience as we watched the snowflakes get bigger and more plentiful. And, of course, it led to some pretty outstanding photography! My photos from Peggy's Cove are my absolute favourite from the trip.

So what do you even do at Peggy's Cove? It's pretty much just a lighthouse on a rock right? ... well kind of. BUT it's full of beauty. If you love nature and photography, like I do, it's the perfect place to be. Massive rocks surround the shore of the Atlantic as waves splash up onto them. If you go in the winter, you will be delighted by the ice formations. I 100% recommend visiting Peggy's Cove in the winter!

It was cold, but sometimes the best times to visit a popular tourist destination is when you least expect to, when there's less people, and when you can see it in a completely different light.


Halifax! One of the coolest cities in Canada, in my opinion.

Here's everything we checked out in Halifax:

1. Halifax Harbourwalk

The Harbourwalk is beautiful even in the winter. We were here on boxing day, so most shops were closed. BUT it was great to be close to the ocean and check everything out. This place would be crazy fun in the summertime. They even have cute hammocks where you can sit and hangout with your friends right by the ocean.

2. Halifax Citadel

The citadel is a giant hill where you can get a great view of the city. It's also a national historic site. It was used to defend the city against enemies. If you're into history, definitely check this place out!

3. Point Pleasant Park

A gorgeous park by the ocean. This was a great place to take a long walk, especially on a nice sunny day. We also looked for sea shells and sea glass. A lot of people brought their dogs here to get some exercise.

4. Downtown Halifax

Downtown halifax is an awesome place to walk around. The mix between old and new makes the city very unique. We stopped by the Alexander Keith's Brewery for some lunch and a local brew.

5. The Drawing Room

The Drawing Room is this old fashion cocktail lounge. The vibe in this place is unreal. If you want to live your Great Gatsby fantasy... go here. Something that also makes this place unique is that they're only open two nights a week - Friday and Saturday. I definitely recommend going here.


Lunenburg - one of the cutest little towns in the world.

Lunenburg is adorable. It's a little port town in Mahone Bay. It is home to the Bluenose II, which is a replica of the original Bluenose (the sail boat that is on the Canadian dime). We stopped for lunch at Grand Banker Bar & Grill which is known for their AMAZING seafood. And it was! I had the seafood chowder and the fish & chips and both were to die for. It also has the coziest, old-timey feel and I just fell in love.

The buildings in Lunenburg are so colourful. Every house is a different colour and it's so refreshing to see. Wall art is around every corner, with boutique shops lining the streets. It really gives you that old-time fisherman vibe and for me, there's nothing better than feeling like you're in another time.

Lunenburg is definitely a must-see.


On our way to Lunenburg, we took the scenic Lighthouse Route.

There were so many beautiful spots to stop and check out the incredible scenery. The East Coast is very rocky and it was evident on our drive. And, it was a gorgeous day for a drive. Here are a few of the highlights from our tour...

My sister @ Queensland Beach - definitely colder than it looks!

@ Chester, Nova Scotia

Exploring the shores of the Atlantic, somewhere along the way.


Nova Scotia is an amazing province full of diversity and I definitely recommend going there. There is so much hype around Canada's West Coast and i don't understand why the East Coast doesn't get the same recognition. The people, the places and the food are arguably some of the best in the world. One place I didn't get to go on this trip was Cape Breton, so I will return (hopefully in the summer) to visit what looks like one of the most wonderful places in Canada. Definitely add Nova Scotia to your bucket list!


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