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4 Reasons to stop hating winter

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

I know winter isn't everyone's favourite season. And I get that. The cold weather, the messy commutes, the shorter days... doesn't sound like much fun. But, like anything in life, it is what you make it.

In the winter I feel like I'm constantly surrounded by negativity. Everyone is freaking grumpy! But why? We all knew this season was coming. There are no surprises here. It's all a choice. If we all chose to enjoy the beauty and fun that the winter season brings, we would all be happier year round.

So my friends, here are four reasons to stop hating winter.


Okay.... just stating the obvious here. Snow is probably one of the most beautiful things this earth creates. It make everything look better. EVERYTHING. If you're a photography lover like me (and you're not afraid of the cold) you probably can't wait until that snow is coming down in huge flakes.

Every time it snows and I'm stuck inside, I actually feel sad. I would much rather be walking in a cute town or on a hike through the woods. So bundle up and go outside when it's snowing! You wont regret it. (unless you don't layer... ;))

2. There are WAY less people at popular attractions.

You know that one tourist attraction in your town that you've always wanted to go to (or go back to) but never do because there are just so many damn people? Winter is the time to go!

Usually I'm in to finding those hidden gems wherever I travel, but so far this winter I've visited two of the most popular tourist destinations in Canada: Niagara Falls and Peggy's Cove. When you go to these two places in the summer you can expect to have dozens of people in the background of your photos. But, not in the winter. There was hardly anyone there when we went and we got to experience these unique places in such a different way. Like I said before, I think everything looks better in the snow, and these popular destinations are no exception!

3. Winter activities are the bomb.

Winter activities are freaking fun, and if you don't think they are you're lying to yourself. And, they're endless. From skiing or snowboarding, to going on a winter hike, there is something SO refreshing about getting outside and getting active in the winter time. In the winter, I feel like a lot of us lie around and watch Netflix a lot, which is fine but our bodies need to move every once in a while and our lungs need some good old fresh air.

Every week, try to do something active outdoors. Whether it's ice skating, going for a walk, or even just playing in the snow with friends or your kids, winter activities will leave you feeling alive and your body will thank you for it.

4. The best feeling in the world is warming up after being outside in the winter.

There is absolutely nothing better than spending a good amount of time outside in the winter and then coming inside, sitting by the fire, throwing on your jammies and having a cup of tea. It's definitely one of my favourite parts of the season.

Once you give up the idea of hating winter, trust me, you'll be glad you did! Enjoy your life, no matter the weather. If nothing else, do it for the people around you. You spread your energy to everyone you meet and we should be spreading more positivity, especially in the winter, when people may need it most.




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