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This photo series started as a sense of belonging project in which I was assigned to find people who all belonged to the same "group".

I decided the "group" of people I would photograph would be people who make money on the streets of Toronto. 

Whether they are artists, buskers, or vendors, the only criteria was that they were making a little (or a lot of money) on the streets.

This is an ongoing project. 

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© Lori Christmas

lori christmas

TORONTO, Ont. (09/16/16) - Sheryl Genser speaks with a customer at her on-the-street jewellery shop on Queen Street West in Downton Toronto. Genser is at the shop every single day as it is open from 11am-8pm. Genser has owned the shop for 25 years and has sold jewellery to many different people as the location is a hot spot for tourists. Photo by Lori Christmas