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This photo series started as a sense of belonging project in which I was assigned to find people who all belonged to the same "group".

I decided the "group" of people I would photograph would be people who make money on the streets of Toronto. 

Whether they are artists, buskers, or vendors, the only criteria was that they were making a little (or a lot of money) on the streets.

This is an ongoing project. 

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© Lori Christmas

lori christmas

TORONTO, Ont. (09/17/16) - Darkish Goshtasbi plays the Persian setar on a street corner near Bloor and Royal York in Toronto. Goshtasbi plays on the streets about once a week. He says he does not play for the money but for meditation purposes. He sees his setar as his partner and says, "you're never alone because you can talk to it." Photo by Lori Christmas